O projektu

The most deserted territory in the interior of Bohemia, which can legally visit. The most valuable part of Brdy highlands, managed for decades by the military is newly open to the public. Roughly bandoned, with no tourist facilities, only beautiful and desolate landscape could be found here.

Most of the Brdy is covered by forest which make it one of the largest contiguously forested areas in the interior of the Czech republic. The closed military area was declared shortly after emergence of Czechoslovakia to cater for needs of growing Czechoslovak armed forces in 1925. It has been expanded and well used by Third Reich military forces during the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia during 1939-1945.
After the Warsaw Pact intervention in August 1968, southern locality near town Mirosov served as base to a small Red Army contingent until its repatriation in 1993. The protected landscape area Brdy was established on January 1, 2016 on the territory of the affected Brdy military district Brdy and several existing parks.

O Práci

You could help with.:
• Removing self-seeded trees
• Mowing the meadow and cleaning up the grass
• Pruning shrubs
• e.g.