O projektu

Homeless people are also people
Vagus – Project Domec

This low-threshold day and integration centre has been opened in Bratislava since December 2013. They offer the food, hygiene and clothing to cover the basic needs of homeless people. The food is healthy and together with the medical assistance it prevents serious diseases that people on the streets can suffer from.
To make the service as complex as possible and to rise clients’ self- esteem and confidence and to help them to come back to the “normal life”, they offer also the social and work assistance, integration programme and part-time jobs. They work individually and introduce health and safe environment to relax and socialise with the others. They also organize the trainings and leisure time activities.
People with the life hardships have also a possibility to use or learn how to use a computer and the internet and they can profit from the phones in the Domec centre.
The centre is connected to the Streetwork project and a café DOBŘE&DOBRÉ, where they employed their clients so the organization offers unique and exceptionally complex service for homeless people. And you can be a part of it for a day.

O Práci

Work options
 Work around a facility
• Cooking for homeless people
• Sorting out the clothes
• Painting and renovating and other indoor works
• Gardening, weeding, raking and other works in the centre garden
 With clients
• Playing sports together
• Arts and crafts workshops
• Playing board games
• Cleaning around the centre together
• Helping with writing CV and motivation letter, Interview preparation